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Teaching Skills Development Seminar 2021


The Teaching Skills Development Seminar (TSDS) is an annual gathering of ALTs, JTEs, and teaching consultants in Toyama hosted by the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR), and the Toyama Prefectural Board of Education. It serves as a platform for sharing best teaching practices and cultural exchange methods among English educators in Toyama. Workshops are led by the ALTs for their co-ALTs, incoming ALTs, and for JTEs.

The topics for these workshops were, but not limited to, classroom management, motivation techinques, cross-cultural activities, the Japanese language, cultural awareness, adapting to various learning styles, and much more!

Thank you everyone for your hard work and creativity in making TSDS an amazing experience for your fellow English teachers!

Toyama JET Orientation 2021


As 2020 and 2021 JETs had to undergo 14 days of quarantine due to the pandemic, various activities and materials were prepared by Toyama JETs to help welcome the new members of the community. This year’s orientation was conducted in 3 phases to accommodate the intermittent arrival schedule of new JETs in Toyama.

Phase 1: Welcome Letters and Videos

Sending virtual welcome letters has been a tradition in the Toyama JET community. This has been one of the warm welcome gestures being done by JETs to pay it forward to the community. In addition to that, this year’s orientation leaders also prepared videos that show and detail life as a JET in Toyama both in and out of the workplace. Letters and videos were sent to the new JETs to share a glimpse of life in their new home, Toyama.

Phase 2: Virtual Meet-and-Greet

Online meetings during quarantine time were also conducted each time a new batch of JETs arrived in Japan. The objective of the meeting is to check-in on the new arrivals and introduce them to the Toyama support team composed of regional representatives and JET advisors. The new JETs also had the chance to talk with their senior ALTs and ask for tips on what to do to settle in easily when they arrive in Toyama.

Phase 3: Prefectural and Regional Orientation

On November 17, 2021, the prefectural orientation was held. Seminars covering the ALT contract, team-teaching life, and work culture in Japan were facilitated by the JET advisors and senior ALTs.

To introduce ALTs to their local areas, on November 18, regional orientations were also held through breakout sessions with their respective regions – Niikawa, Toyama, Takaoka, and Tonami. The aim of this seminar is for senior ALTs to share about life in the region covering topics such as recommended spots and places, annual events, and safety measures among others.

The orientation for this year was definitely different from how it is usually done, and thanks to community effort, we were finally able to do not only virtual but also in-person activities to welcome the new JETs in Toyama. 皆さんお疲れ様でした!*

*Minasan otsukaresamadeshita (Thank you for your hard work, everyone!)

2020-2021 Team Teaching Handbook… COMPLETE!


This year has brought so many challenges, but we are grateful for everyone’s contributions to the 2020-2021 Team Teaching handbook. As usual, on the 2020-2021 Team Teaching Handbook page you may freely download and edit the lessons as you see fit. Though it’s shorter than previous years, we hope you can get some new ideas from the submissions. Special thanks to Amy Davis and Domyson Abuan for the funky cover art and dividing pages.

2019-2020 Team Teaching Handbook


The 2019-2020 Team Teaching Handbook is complete! Thank you all so much for your creative contributions. You can access all of the lessons and accompanying worksheets here.

Also, special thanks to Amy Davis and Devon Redlin, who designed the cover page and dividing pages for this years TTHB. Beautiful work!

Teaching Skills Development Seminar (TSDS) 2019


This year’s TSDS featured a new format and workshops on language anxiety from our 5th year ALTs. Workshops included workshops on various topics such as phonics, public speaking, gamification, cultural awareness, yosakoi, and much more. Thank you for hard work and creativity in making TSDS a great experience for your fellow English teachers!

Special thanks to Mathieu Glacet for a beautiful cover photo of a snowy Matsukawa.

Snowy Matsukawa

2019 Orientation Complete!

Group photo on Tateyama

As we come to the end of this year’s orientation, I’d like to thank all of the Toyama orientation leaders for their hard work. Everything went well and we finish orientation with a trip to Tateyama (with NO hurricanes interfering)! To all of our new JET participants: welcome to your new home! Please go out, explore, get familiar, and enjoy your time here!

Thank you to Ian Chmarkovski, for designing this year’s orientation booklet cover!

2018-2019 Team Teaching Handbook


The 2018-2019 Team Teaching Handbook is now complete! Thank you all so much for your creative contributions. You can access all of the lessons and accompanying worksheets here.

Also, special thanks to Sarah Dirig, who designed the cover page and dividing pages for this years TTHB. Beautiful work, Sarah!

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2018 Toyama Orientation


Thank you to all the Toyama Orientation assistants for making this year’s orientation an amazing success! To the new ALTs: although the weather prevented us from climbing Tateyama this year, I hope you will take every opportunity to continue exploring and discovering new things about your new home. Welcome to Toyama!

Also, a special thanks to Willow Glufka for designing an awesome cover!



Team Teaching Handbook 2017-2018


This year’s Team Teaching Handbook is now complete! Thank you for all of your hard work in putting together these lessons. You may now access the 2017-2018 lessons online in the TTHB section of this website. Feel free to download and tailor them to your classes as you please.


Special thanks to Diane Huynh for the lovely designs for the cover and dividing pages.


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(日本語ページ: )

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Sun, February 18th 2018  12:00 – 16:00


Sun Forte building

(next to Toyama Kansui Park)
6-7 Minatoirifunecho, Toyama City

* 10min walk from Toyama Station North Exit
* The parking space is limited. Please come by public transportation.




This is an event for multicultural understanding focusing on the CIRs and ALTs from the JET Programme who work in Toyama Prefecture. Come and have a good time!
Stage Attractions, Country Booths, International Café, Kids Corner, Cultural Experience Corner, Mini Language Classes, Traditional Clothing, Primorsky Krai (Russia) Promotional Video Viewing


AJET (JET Programme participants association)
JET World Festival 2018 Executive Committee


Toyama Prefecture, Toyama Prefecture Board of Education, Toyama International Center, Toyama City Board of Education, Kitanippon Shimbun, Toyama Shimbun, Yomiuri Shimbun Hokuriku Branch, Mainichi Shimbun Toyama Branch, Chunichi Shimbun Toyama Office, Kitanihon Broadcasting, Toyama Television, Tulip Television, Toyama Cable Television Association, Toyama FM.


JET World Festival 2018 Executive Committee
(Toyama Prefectural Government – International Affairs Division)
📞  076-444-3158  (person in charge: Marcelo)


We are now accepting entries for the JET World Festival 2018 Photo Contest.
Winning entries will be awarded prizes!


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