Welcome Letters 2013


Hello New Toyama JETs!

I know  you are all very excited and perhaps a little nervous about diving into your new life in Toyama but worry not, the Toyama JETs have written letters on a variety of topics that you will certainly find useful as your prepare for your life as a JET. All ALTs should have already received this from your Contracting Organisations. If you have not, it’s probably in transit but you can also access it here.


Happy Planning!

2013 Spring Regional Meeting Lesson Plans


Introducing a game to a lesson can immediately transform the classroom environment from drab to fab. It’s a simple way to grab your students attention and make learning English fun.


The games presented by our amazing Toyama JETs at the 2013 Spring Regional Meetings are officially up and can be accessed here.

Toyama JETs’ Logo


We are happy to introduce the first ever Toyama JETs’ logo. Congratulations to Martyn Bissett for designing this truly stellar logo which combines the stunning snow capped Mt. Tate and the  ptarmigan, the prefectural bird, which is beautifully wrapped in a tulip, Toyama’s prefectural flower.

Toyama JETs Logo

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