Teaching Skills Development Seminar



The purpose of the ALT’s Team Teaching Development Seminar is to promote foreign language in Japan. It is an opportunity to bring ALTs (Assistant Language Teachers) and JTEs (Japanese Teachers of English) together to share experiences in working on the JET Programme. It is also a platform to discuss team-teaching and other related matters in order to find ways to aid future students living in an international world, to gain knowledge to be more effective in foreign language in Japan and to further develop the Programme. Furthermore, it provides re-contracting ALTs with the opportunities for them to better understand and perform their roles and duties.





A. To examine ALT’s roles in effective foreign language teaching, resulting in communicative competence


B. To discuss effective and cooperative ways of conducting team-taught lessons by ALTs and JTEs


C. To identify good methods of using textbooks and other teaching materials


D. To discuss language education matters concerning Japanese lower and upper secondary schools (Elementary, Junior High and Senior High School etc.)


E. To discuss matters relating to work and daily life in Japan


F. To discuss cross cultural education and local international exchange activities


G. To facilitate the better understanding and performance of the roles and duties of re-contracting ALTs

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