Drama and Speech– Christina Pancoast and Caitlin Mellicant


English in Elementary School– Gwyneth Henning and Randy Higashi


Enhancing English with Art and Visuals (Game) (Presentation)- Hillary LeBeau and Rebecca Reed


Global Issues in the Classroom– Cullan Riley and Venesa Tomlin


Intercultural Communication (Powerpoint)- Steven Morris


Life After JET (Presentation)- Jonathan Tamashiro and Cynthia Herendeen


Long Term Planning and Projects– Meagan Connor and Kai Ong Ching


Motivation (Outline) (Worksheet) (Activity)- Darren Hamilton and Jeffery Kao


Phonics- Elementary and Junior High School– Patrick Finn and Ruben Polo-Sherk


Trading Places: Iranian ( Outline) (Handout) – Leila Kardan


Trading Places: Jamaican (Handout)- Raul Davis and Rochelle Brooks


Trading Places: German- Scott Miller (Please contact Scott for the file)


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