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One of the little details to consider before leaving is having your mail forwarded. We suggest that all JETs take this step, but please do so particularly if you do not have a successor, or your successor will be living in a different apartment from you.


In the past, there have been cases where JETs have received important mail, such as final bills they forgot about or letters from friends in Japan who missed their departure, because they chose to have it forwarded to someone who they knew would take the time to take care of their affairs. That’s why we strongly suggest you make necessary arrangements to have your mail forwarded.


In forwarding your mail (転送 tenso)you have one of two options:


1. Beg or bribe someone at your school, BOE, office or a friend who is staying in Japan. Ask them if you can use their address as your forwarding address. All mail will be forwarded to them for one year and they can forward the important stuff to you. A new form must be filled out each following year if you still want the mail forwarded.


2. Use your overseas address and have only international mail forwarded on to your home country. Note that only international mail will be forwarded and all letters originally sent from within Japan will be returned to the sender. Packages forwarded to your overseas address will incur an additional charge. 


Take your pick! When you’ve made your decision, visit your local post office and pick up a “Change of Address Notice” (転居届 tenkyo todoke) postcard, which is found on the tables with the other banking forms. Fill it out and if you’re at your local post office, give it to the postal employee. If you’re at a different branch, tell the employee where you live and he or she can assist you in filling out the address of your local post office. DON’T FORGET TO TAKE YOUR HANKO!


You can also quickly sign up for a year of mail forwarding on the Japan Post website, though it is only available in Japanese.

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