Shutting Down



City based JETs – this may all be organized through you BOE, check with them first. Here are some general points to remember when getting ready to move out. Generally there are four groups you should inform of your impending move:


1. Landlord (Ooya San大家さん): Your landlord or rental agency need to be informed at least a month in advance with regards to your moving plans. If you know the date of your departure now, contact them and let them know. They will then arrange for an apartment inspection and they can calculate prorated costs if you plan to stay for only part of the last month. Be sure to check that they will arrange to charge you such prorated costs; there are some landlords/housing companies who will charge you a full months’ rent if you are living in that apartment for even just one day of the month.


Be aware that most of your original deposit will NOT come back to you.


2. Waterworks (Suido 水道): Especially if your landlord doesn’t provide this utility.


3. Electricity (Denryoku 電力): You can arrange to have electricity up until a certain date and then close your account in person with cash.


4. Gas (Gasu ガス): Same as with electricity.




Generally, there are two options when closing out utility accounts:


1. Call all the companies you pay bills to (don’t forget your keitai and Internet provider!) and tell them that you want to close your accounts by so-and-so date. With your utilities, you can arrange to have them come by with cash-payable bills. The company’s contact information can be found on the bill.


2. If you pay by direct deposit, leave ample money in your account and let it be withdrawn automatically. The bad point to this option is you might leave too much or too little money. It’s better to leave too much and then have your supervisor withdraw the remainder after all is paid and send it to you. You can provide a Japanese friend with your inkan, bankbook, and cash card and have them close your bank account after your last bill has been paid. It’s a good idea to have your Japanese representative call your bank and confirm the procedures.


Please remember that your bills are your responsibility. Please don’t leave your successor to deal with your unpaid obligations. We highly recommend contacting all the relevant people at least 2-3 months before you leave Japan.

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