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Although your stint on the JET Program will soon come to an end, that doesn’t mean that you have to leave Toyama in a great rush. Looking at your passport, you’ll notice that your visa may expire as early as July 20th…which means that after you finish your job duties, you may have little time remaining for last-minute sightseeing and saying goodbye to friends. If this worries you, consider applying for a shukoku junbi (出国準備leaving country preparation) visa.


The shukoku junbi visa is an extension visa allowing you to stay in Japan for up to 15 days after your current visa expires. Shukoku junbi are processed the Immigration Office in Toyama. PLEASE NOTE that the Immigration Office can deny you this visa and you must have a valid reason for the extension. Some possible legitimate reasons are: you have too much to pack in a short period of time, you’re taking a cultural exam or other test that can’t be taken outside of Japan, you have unexpected or unfinished business that needs to be completed or your office has asked to stay on to help train your successor. Staying to hang out with friends isn’t a valid reason. Furthermore, you shouldn’t be applying for this visa until a week before your current one expires as it will negate your work visa.


The Toyama Immigration Office advises calling ahead of time before applying for your shukoku junbi. You’ll also have to bring certain documents with you, including:


  • Passport
  • Hanko
  • Plane ticket showing date of departure
  • Alien Registration Card
  • ¥4000 stamp (収入印紙shunyu inshi), which you can get from post offices & banks
  • You may also need: a letter stating your reasons for a visa extension, your JET contract, and tax forms if you had to file for taxes while in Japan.


Although the visa can be processed in one day, it may take longer if the office is busy and you may have to return to pick up your passport. As the Immigration Offices would like to discuss ahead of time the conditions for your shukoku junbi visa, call them ahead of time to confirm the details before heading over.




Hours of Operation: M through F, 9am – 12pm, open again from 1pm – 4pm. All offices are closed on weekends and public holidays. The Toyama office is especially busy on Mondays and Wednesday, they recommend that if you go on these days you should go on a Monday at 9am and on a Wednesday at 1pm.




• 出国準備 Shukoku junbi Extension Visa

• 収入印紙 Shunyu inshi Payment stamp in lieu of cash

• 入国管理局 Nyukoku kanri kyoku Immigration Office



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