If You Have a Car

Disposing Of Your Car


As attached as you are to your vehicle, you may find that nobody’s interested in purchasing it and all of the used-car dealers find it unworthy to sit in their lot. In that case, you’ll need to dispose of your car… and this doesn’t mean leaving it on the side of the road! You will be charged vehicle taxes unless you properly dispose of your car. Car sales or disposal companies can assist you with the paperwork. The documents you’ll need are:


  • Vehicle inspection certificate
  • Front and back license number plates
  • Certificate of Disposal: this is available from the disposal company, or the licensing center if you are disposing of the car yourself.
  • Your hanko and registration of your hanko from your local city office
  • A letter of attorney if you are authorizing the disposal company to take care of the paperwork for you
  • Tax certificate (depending on the office or company processing the paperwork)

Selling Your Car


Selling your car requires more than just an agreement between you and the purchaser. You’ll have to officially transfer the ownership, which requires taking care of the below items (and perhaps a few more… ask a car dealer for assistance). Please note that the forms may vary by municipality, so it would be best to check if you must follow any local additional local regulations.


  • Receipt for payment of registration fee
  • Proof of the transfer in ownership of the car
  • Certificate of your hanko impression
  • Certificate that proves your address
  • Certificate that proves you have a parking space
  • Letter of Attorney
  • Receipt of Automobile Tax
  • Certificate of Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance

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