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Toyama ken has many hospitals, big and small. Traditionally it was the center of pharmaceutical production in Japan. The medical and pharmaceutical university has many doctors who have studied abroad, as well as some foreign doctors. Other large hospitals, especially those in the cities, usually have a few English-speaking doctors, and most doctors in general seem to be able to speak a limited amount of English, even in the smaller hospitals. In Toyama city there are four big hospitals, plus two in Takaoka and one in Kurobe.


Two types of medicine are practiced in Toyama. Oriental techniques include herbal treatments, acupuncture, moxibution (the heat thing), and massage. Most hospitals and clinics practice Western medicine, although you may be a little surprised by some of the procedures.


The number for the Tokyo International Medical Advice Center is 03 5285 8088. They speak really good English and they will research any particular health problems you have and call you back to tell you where the best place in your area is to be treated, the name of the doctor, and opening hours, etc. They are also really useful for advice on vaccinations.


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