The following is a list of dentists that have been tried and tested. You will find that there is a range in their ability to speak English, but they are efficient. If you want to try out your local dentist, it is probably better to ask the other JETs in your area. “Shiseki” means tartar in Japanese and is what cleaning is referred to. Costs vary, but are generally between 500 and 1000 yen. The rest of the cost is subsidized by Japan’s national insurance (not the private JET plan). Not all dentists do it though. You should check what the costs are for other services and if they are covered by your insurance plans.


You may find that your experience with a dentist in Japan differs from that of your home country. For example, many dentists will require you to come in multiple times for one issue. It can possibly take two or more appointments to get a cleaning or filling. Some dentists do not automatically administer the local aneesthetic Iiocaine (novocaine) for minor fillings, but they may give it to you if you ask. Additionally, dentists typically doi not administer nitrous oxide or an anesthetic which will put you to sleep, and instead opt for a local anesthetic, even in procedures where a tooth is being worked on extensively or even taken out.


Toyama City


Kanagawa Dental Clinic: (076) 442-3888

Address: 1 Chome-6-17 Sōgawa, Toyama-shi, Toyama-ken 930-0083

Located right across from Toyama Castle Park (facing 7-11). Kanagawa-sensei speaks a little English but the reception staff does not. Recommended for its very convenient location, very speedy treatment, and a bonus: Kanagawa-sensei enjoys making jokes in English.


Takata sensei (male): Tel: (076) 411-4182

Address: 930-0873 Toyama-shi Kanaya 3834


  • BY JR, about 13 min on foot from Nishi-Toyama Station- JR TAKAYAMA Line
  • BY bus, about 1 minute on foot from Kanaya-guchi bus stop )not Kanaya bus stop)

Speaks English very well and is supposedly one of the best dentists ever met by a former JET.


Kareno sensei (female):  Tel: (076) 432-3666

Location: Gofuku Dental Clinic, see Interactive Toyama Map

English is not spoken here. There are 2 other male dentists at this clinic. This is the clinic where Takata sensei used to work before he started his own clinic (see above clinic).


Murayama sensei (male): Tel: (076) 451-8800

Address: 8-5 Kami-ino, Toyama City   ムラヤマ先生: 富山市、上飯野8-5

Excellent dentist and can speak English. The office is a 10 minute walk from Higashi-Shinjo station.

English website:


Morii sensei (male): Tel: (076) 491-4818

Address: 3-1-1 Chuo Dori, Toyama City 森井先生: 富山市 中央通り 3-1-1

No English is spoken here, but if you speak a little Japanese, you might get along okay. His office is at the end of Chuo Dori, on the third floor of the Daiichi Matsu Building.


Terada sensei (male): (076) 441-6332

Address: 8-21 OKuda Kotobuki-cho, Toyama City  (behind Toyama Station) 寺田先生:富山市、奥田寿町8-21

Terada sensei does not speak English, but the receptionist can a little.


Okano sensei: Tel: (076) 441-4646

Address: 1-27 Funahashi Minami, Toyama City (Opposite Toyama Chubu High School) 岡野先生:富山市 舟橋南1-27

Okano sensei speaks a little English.


Ogura sensei: Tel: (076) 432-8395

Address: 2-25 Uchi Saiwai-cho, Toyama CIty (near Kencho- Toayama Prefectural Office) 小倉先生:富山市 内幸町2-25

No English is spoken here. It’s okay for standard treatment. Ogura sensei has another office which is run by his son, also called Ogura sensei, who speaks English.


Shinobu sensei: Tel: (076) 422-4455

Address: 1-1-1 Midori-machi, Toyama City (on Route 41, near Sunshine 88) しのぶ先生:富山市 緑町1-1-1

Shinobu sensei speaks English.


Takaoka area


Yamazaki Dental ClinicTel: (0766) 52-7748

Address: 438-1 Futakuchi Imizu-shi, Toyama-ken 939-0234     〒939-0234 富山県射水市二口438-1

Recommended for being easy to find, clean, high-tech, and offering a great overall experience. Yamazaki-sensei (male) and Shimizu-sensei (female) can speak English. The reception staff does not speak English.


Tachinami sensei: Tel: (0766) 26-1182

Location: Tachinami Dental Clinic, near Takaoka Shogyo (Mt) High School

Excellent dentist and can speak English


Nanto City


Tatsuichiro Nakamura sensei: Tel: (0763) 22-2659

Address: 1248 Ura-machi, Fukuno Town 仲村先生:福野町 裏町1248

Good dentist.




Chuo sensei: Tel: (0765) 54-5188


Chuo Dental Clinic is located near the Osakaya Grocery store and Chuo Elementary School. The dentist and some of the hygienists speak English. The office covers orthodontics and oral surgery. One of the modern and more costly clinics.


Iwai sensei: Tel: (0765) 54-4300

Address: 168 Shin Makino, Kurobe CIty (near Sakurai High School) 岩井先生:黒部市 新牧野168

No English, but reportedly a good dentist. Private, therefore does not take JET insurance.


Ogura sensei:  Tel: (0765) 54-0418

Address: 1096 Mikka-ichi Mishima, Kurobe City 小倉先生:黒部市 三日市三島1096

No English speaking staff here. Okay for standard treatment. There are two offices. The older dentist, who is the father, works in the Toyama branch and does not speak English. The son, however, who runs the Kurobe branch does speak English. The clinic is located near Kurobe Hospital.

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