Eye Doctors

Below is a list of eye doctors, or ganka (眼科), around Toyama prefecture. Keep in mind that this list is just some clinics tried by other JETs and is by no means comprehensive of all that is available in Toyama.

Toyama City


Yamamoto Eye Clinic: Tel: (076) 444-7200

Located on the second floor of the CIC bulding, right in from of Toyama Station. There are many different brands of contact lenses here. Appointment is recommended. The receptionist does not speak English, but the eye doctor can a little bit.



EYEX is in the third floor of the Shopping Complex (just underneath NOVA English Conversation School) near German Bakery in Nichi Cho. An eye exam consisting of an eye chart and examination by an optician costs about 2000 yen. The opticians are very professional and make you feel at ease, even though you must wait to see someone for a long time. The sales staff are very thorough when helping you decide which contact lenses and solution are best for you. They also have an English guide that the sales staff will use to walk you through the process step by step.


Tachinami Ganka- Tachinami Eye Care Clinic: Tel: (0766) 24-8000

This clinic has fast and friendly service, but they do not speak English, so you may want to bring someone with you who speaks Japanese. An eye exam costs about 1600 yen with JET’s national health insurance, however contacts are NOT covered. A 3-month’s supply of bi-monthly disposable contacts (2 boxes, 1 box for each eye, 6 pairs total) costs about 5,700 yen. The whole process, from the moment you enter the door to the moment you receive your contact lenses, should take about 45 minutes to an hour. They carry a wide range of contact lens brands, including Acuvue and Acuvue II.


Fukuno Town


Shibata IIn: Tel: (0763) 22-2011

Address: 1425 Matsubara 柴田医院:福野町松原 1425

Dr. Takashi Shibata speaks English.


Tonami City

Dr. Yoko Toyoda: Tel: (0763) 34-6960

Address: 1-8-2 Taromaru Tonami-shi とよだ眼科クリニック:砺波市 太郎丸1-8-2

You wouldn’t expect to find an English-speaking, Harvard-educated eye doctor in Tonami…but there is one. Dr. Toyada is a really nice person. Her office is modern and conveniently located near Apita. It’s in a row of clinics behind the Book Market and the yakiniku restaurant along the irrigation canal. Dr. Toyoda’s clinic is yellow. Visits are covered by your health insurance- just bring our health card with you. You don’t need an appointment. Her office is open Monday through Saturday but closed on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons.


Oyabe City

Sakurai Meka: Tel: (0766) 67-0170

Address: 2-32 Nishi-cho Oyabe City   桜井眼科:小矢部市西町2-32

Dr. Izumi Sakurai knows a little English and is a good eye doctor. Call ahead for directions from Isurugi station.


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