It is important to carry your National Health Insurance Card with you at all times. Insurance coverage may be refused if you are not carrying your insurance card. 70% of medical expenses are covered for illness and injuries. Medical care benefits include medical examination, provision of medicines or medical care supplies, emergency treatment, surgery and other medical treatment, in-home medical care, hospitalisation and nursing. The beneficiary of this insurance is thus covered in case of illness or injury, death or birth.


If you are a city ALT the city office will take care of this. Otherwise, you should show your insurance policy to your supervisor and they should be able to help you. Basically, you are covered by the government for 70% of the cost, and you will only need to pay 30% at the hospital. If this 30% exceeds ¥60,000, you can apply to the National Health Insurance Program for the amount that exceeded ¥60,000. The Yasuda Fire and Health Insurance coverage is extra and you have to claim that back. You need to keep all your receipts and send them with the claim form to the Company. If your claim is less than ¥50,000 you will not need a doctor’s note, but if it is more, there is a form that the doctor must fill out before you can get your money back. It usually takes about three weeks to be processed.


All JET participants are automatically enrolled in an additional insurance program through CLAIR. This insurance is paid for by Contracting Organizations and is separate from the National Health Insurance. If you receive treatment that is covered by the Employees’ Health Insurance, then the JET Accident Insurance Policy can cover the costs not covered by the Employees’ Health Insurance. This insurance also extends to overseas travel. For contact information regarding making a claim, and more detailed explanations, please see the link in the heading for the JET Accident Insurance Policy Guide.


You can use your medical insurance card for medical treatments that you have outside of Japan! So if you are back home or in another country and go to the doctor and receive medical treatment you can use your insurance to get 70% of what you paid for your medical treatment back. Just remember bring a receipt and medical statement back with you to Japan. However, this refund does NOT include regular check ups.

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