Takaoka City Emergency Center

TEL: (0766) 25-7111

Honmaru-machi, Takaoka City 高岡市本丸町7-1

Directions: From Takaoka JR Station, take a Himi bound bus or tram to Honmaru Kaikan Mae for 8 minutes. Few minutes walk from the bus stop (on Rt. 24).




1. Saiseikai Takaoka Byouin

TEL: (0766) 21-0570

387-1 Futatsuka-cho, Takaoka City 済生会高岡病院: 高岡市二塚町387-1

Directions: On Rt. 58, next to the Techno Dome.


2. Takaoka Shimin Byouin

TEL: (0766) 23-0204

4-1 Takara-machi, Takaoka City 高岡市民病院 : 高岡市宝町4-1

Directions: 4-1 Takara-machi, Takaoka City 高岡市民病院 : 高岡市宝町4-1


No English-speaking doctors. Other: Long waits at that hospital and they are closed before ALT work hours finish, and not open on weekends.


3. Sumitani (炭谷内科医院)

TEL:  (0766) 24-2718

〒933-0867 高岡市大鋸屋町8地

Directions: South of the station (near where the Johana line crosses the road there at the booze shop). 15 mins lazy walk from station.


Internal medicine but also does cardiology (循環器科) Very kind doctor, good manner and a teensy bit of English. Highly recommended. Opening hours morning Mon-Sat 8.30 till 12, afternoon noon Mon-Sat except Thursday 2.00 til 6.00. Closed Sundays and national holidays.


4. Otoginomori Ladies Clinic

TEL: (0766) 20-7711

1316-1 Sano, Takaoka City おとぎの森レディースクリニック: 高岡市佐野 1316-1

Directions: Located off of 156 between Takaoka and Toide, next to Otoginomori Park. Signs for the park can be seen from 156


Friendly staff although not much English, can renew the pill without check-up if you have a valid prescription.


5. Ishikawa Ladies Clinic (fujin ka)

TEL:(0766) 21-6000

4-31-1 Mukuno machi, Takaoka City 石川産婦人科医院 : 富山県高岡市向野町 4-31-1

Directions: Just tucked back from tram road (Shimin Byoin Mae stop) and VERY WELL SIGNED from there


Good women’s clinic – obstetrics and gynaecology. Friendly staff and one doctor speaks a little English


6. Ladies Clinic Murata

TEL: (0766) 57-4141

〒939-0332 富山射水市橋下条1483-1(Kosugi)


No English, but gets the job done. Very smart premises. Opening hours Mon – sat 9.30 – 12.30 then 3-6 closed thursdays, sundays and national holidays.


7. Horita sensei(ほりた治療所)

TEL: (0766) 44-2881


Chiropractor, in Fushiki, near the Manyo History Museum, not far from the bus routes.


Treatment times are Mon – Fri 9- 12.30 then 2 – 8, Sat, Sun and national holidays 9-12.30 and 2-5. closed Thursdays.


8. Shakai-hoken Byouin

TEL: (0766) 44-1181

8-5 Kofumotomachi, Fushiki, Takaoka City 社会保険高岡病院 : 高岡市伏木古府元町8-5

Directions: On Rt. 415, near Kofu Elementary school.


9Shinminato Shimin Byouin


20 Honoki, Shinminato City 新湊市民病院:新湊市朴木20

Directions: Off Rt. 8. Turn into Shinminato at the Daily Yamazaki. Near Nambu JHS.


Doctors speak a little English. Front desk staff are helpful.


10. Himi Shimin Byouin


31-9 Saiwai-cho, Himi City 氷見市民病院 : 氷見市幸町31-9

Directions: Near the intersection of Rt. 160 and 415, near Kahma Home Center and next to the Health Insurance Center.


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