Toyama City Emergency Center

TEL: (0764) 25-2999

2-8-5 Marunouchi, Toyama City 富山市丸の内2-8-5

Directions: From JR Toyama Station, take a Takaoka bound bus or street car to Marunouchi for 7 minutes. When tram line turns right, keep heading straight.


1. Toyama Daigaku Fuzoku Byouin (Toyama University Pharmaceutical Hospital)

TEL: (0764) 34-2281

2630 Sugitani, Toyama City 富山大学附属病院:富山市杉谷2630番地

Directions: Take a bus from JR Toyama station. The #16 and #17 buses leave from stop #3. Leaves at :05, :20, :35 and :40. Takes about 30 minutes and costs 440yen. On Rt. 68, out Family Park way. The #6 bus goes directly to the hospital, just get off at the last stop.

Highly regarded by most JETs. Most doctors have studied abroad and can therefore speak English, but generally are only available two mornings a week, depending on the department. Urology, Gynecology and Orthopedics Departments are recommended. Front desk doesn’t speak much English though.

2. Toyama Teishin Byouin

TEL: (076)-423-7727

2-2-29 Kashima-cho, Toyama City 富山逓信病院:富山市鹿島町2-2-29

Directions: Follow the tram line south out of JR Toyama station. Get off at the stop before the train goes across the bridge, and walk down Sakura-dori Street for 2 blocks. Located across the street from Gokoku Jinja (Shrine).

Not much English. Obstetrics & Gynecology: Dr. Yamanishi

3. Toyama Sekijuji Byouin

TEL: (076)-433-2222

2-1-58 Ushijima Honmachi, Toyama City 富山赤十字病院:富山市牛島本町2-1-58

Directions: Head out the north exit of JR Toyama station, turn left at the lights. It will be on the right, next to the Jinzu River (on Rt. 208).

Very limited English.

4. Toyama Shimin Byouin

TEL: (076)-422-1112

2-1 Imaizumi Hokubu, Toyama City 富山市民病院:富山市今泉北部2-1

Directions: Go down Rt. 41 on the way to the airport for about 3.5km. Turn left at the 2nd street after KFC.

Reports from OK to really bad. A lot of unnecessary tests conducted. Most of the doctors speak English, but few of the nurses do. Long waiting times.

5. Toyama Prefectural Chuo Byouin

TEL: (076)-424-1531

2-2-78 Nishi Nagae, Toyama City 富山県立中央病院 :富山市西長江2-2-78

Directions: Near APA in east Toyama. On Rt. 65 near Rt. 41.

Some doctors have Chinese, German, perhaps Portuguese ability as well. Limited English available. Very thorough staff.

6. Saino Byouin


1130 Gofuku, Toyama City 富山市五福1130

Directions: Near “Toys R Us”, Toyama University and General Ed. Center. Walk towards the University and turn left after Toyopet (Near Rt. 44 and 56).

Staff are friendly and helpful, but you can expect to wait for a while.

7. Kyoritsu Byouin

TEL: (076)-441-8351

1-1-8 Toyota-machi, Toyama City 山協立病院:富山市豊田町1-1-8

Directions: In north Toyama near intersection of Rt. 8 and 172. Staff are friendly.

Limited. English.

8. Yatsuo Sogo Byouin

TEL: (076)-454-5000

7-42 Fukushima, Yatsuo Town, Nei-Gun 八尾総合病院:婦負郡八尾町福島7-42

Good reports about this hospital. Very new with many young doctors who can speak English. Nurses are also helpful.

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