1 Elementary School

Directions Information Gap- Marie Maestas

Elementary Vocab Games: War and Survival- Elizabeth Mager

Frankenfood: Do you like pizza sushi?- Gwyneth Henning

Please and Thank You, Salt and Pepper- Caitlin Mellicant

“Where do you want to go?” World Tour Game- Simon Robinson


2 Grammar and Review

Guess the Teacher!- Jodie Young

Kadabi Review Game- Terrell Wallin

Lilo & Stitch: Simple Present Verb- Anabel Torres

Practicing Difficult Sentence Structures- Colin Cartwright

Race Raced- Tom Hay

Review Jeopardy- Brendan Sweeney

Save the Eggs!!- Haley Alt

Sentence Scramble Review- Ashley Ariel Kane

Sentence Snake- Andrea Spain

Silly Sentences- Patrick Finn

Volleyball Game- Eric Beyeler

What is it??- Abigail Machon-Oquendo

Write It- Draw It- Kseniya Vaynshtok

Yes, I Can!- J Amelie Chenet-Smith


3 Reading and Writing

Basic Composition Writing- Nicola Williams

Hamburgers make me angry!- Paul Dargan

Learning Abilities with Superheroes!- Rebecca Scheiris

Poetry Play With Words: The Cinquain- Sarah Silva

Speed Reading- Jonathan Cosgrove

Status Update- Thandolwethu Mene

Tale Spinning- Christopher Brown

Tell me a story- Melody Tsukahara

Text Me- Neil Sampson

What career should you have?- Sheldon Campbell

What Should I Do?- Niall French


4 Speaking and Listening

Articulating Vision: Giving & Listening to Instructions- Ashley Pager

Conversation Test- Tanis Wilkinson

Could you tell me how to get to the park at Wakaba?- Amanda Fink

Explaining “Must” “Should” & “Can” Commands Using Sports- Jared Rosa

Phone Dialogue with Your Favorite Characters!- Newby Jeff

Telling and Retelling Stories- Rebecca Gingrich

Your Favorite Sports- Mark Storey


5 Asking Questions

How Many?- Alexia Campbell

Last One Standing- Chandra Isaac

What time is it in~?- Ariana Frazier


6 English Club/Camp

A to Z Scavenger Hunt- Chloe Delzell

English Camp- Construct a Bird Feeder- Rachel Brandon


7 Games

Blackboard Pictionary!- Gloria Ting

BTOOM~or~Overblown Karuta- Samuel Darbouze

Cranium- Jocelyn Boatner

Pass the Parcel, Please!- Melissa Werner

Train Time Conversation- Darren Hamilton

Variations on Shiritori- Lieuwe Boer


8 Long-Term Projects

Cooking without leaving the classroom- Domhnall McFarline

Debate Project- Brandon Bewza

Long Term Auction Game- Alex Melillo

Make a TV Station- Rochelle Mighty

Model U.N. Research Project- Christopher Beeton

Recitation- Kai Ching Ong

Writing Your Own Fairytale- Katherine Court


9 Multi-Class Lessons

Advertising in the Classroom- Lily Gray

Translating Anime and J-Drama!!!- Yagnya A


10 Holidays

Draw Your Monster!- Clarissa Tong

“He/She is my Zombie”- Halloween Haunted House- Henry Prosack

This is Halloween!- Sonny Keobounphanh

“Where is the Pumpkin?” Prepositions- Austin Richardson


11 Shopping and Food

Let’s Buy Food- Josh Mitchell

Restaurant Role-Play- Murasaki Hiroyoshi

Shopping for Clothes (for Sunshine 3, Speaking 5)- Brendan Allen


12 Travel and Culture

A Cultural Lesson on Tipping- Lucy Godfrey

Country Research Report- Abigail Clark

Famous Cities in North America- Robert Deighton

Let’s Explore English Speaking Countries- Megan Worden

Living with Nature- Moipone Kgatle

World Heritage Sites- Vanessa Tomlin


13 Miscellaneous

Color Idioms in Action- Menolly Walter

Making Sense of Comics- Stephen Zellmer

Mooovie Madness- Rose Thompson

Movies!- Nik Smyth

The Devil Wears Prada- Movie Worksheet- Kavita Premchan

Paper Airplane Darts- Joseph O’Dwyer

What’s the Lion’s Name? Logic Puzzle- Allison Bradley

中国語のピンインと漢字から始めよう- Lin Weiwei





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