1 Quick Activities


Bacon- Charlie Wedding

Find Your Partner (Asking & Giving Advice Matching Game)- Lilian Truong

The Interesting Game- J Amelie Chenet-Smith

Fruits Basket for Grammar- Samantha Consentino


2 Elementary School/ Special Needs

DOUBT!~ Months of the Year Version~- Louis Migliazza

Pokemon Go: Where is the Pokemon?- Ani Shageer

Friend Introduction: “Who am I” Pictionary- Henry Prosack

(I want to be (the very best))- Miranda Reeder

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes- Samantha McGuire


3 Grammar and Review


Who is s/he?- Jack Gordon

What do you want?- Kasey Ulery



Pronoun Post-it!- Daniel Galloway

Catch a Thief- Josh Mitchell

Future Tense Q & A Lottery- Marie Maestas

If and When- Vincent Simone

Past Progressive Scavenger Hunt- Simon Robinson

Can I Do It?- Sareece Williams


Whose Drawing is this?- Alexis Finnerty

Robot- Joseph Jackson

Using “have you ever~~~?”- Joseph O’Dwyer

Subject vs Object- Thandolwethu Mene


4 Speaking and Listening


I Know Someone Who is Famous- Joan Conte

Present Giving Dialogue Activity- Alexander van Dieten

Listening, Reading and Speaking, Oh My!- Lisa Hogya


Let’s Listen to Music!- Emmalee Manes

Four Corners- Timon Kato

Photojournalism in Action- Osasha Fertal

Conversation Skills Development- Anthony Rinaldi

The Compliment Game- Brandon Bewza


5 Writing


Spelling Loan Word Bonanza- Eric Beyeler


Convo from Vocab- Darian Sundberg

Writing Practice: The 2020 Summer Olympics-Charlotte Ball

“Let’s Invent!”- Sheldon Campbell

My Favorite Manga- Emma Davis


6 Games


Who’s that? Family Member Dice Game- Terrell Wallin

“Do you like______?” Gym Game- Austin Richardson

Where is my Character?- Jeff Newby


Battle Ship- Annalyn Donaldson

What do you like to do in your free time?- Amanda Fink

Modified chutes and ladders board game- Loosine Yaghobian

If You Build a City…- Brandon Johnsen


STOP!- J Amelie Chenet-Smith

Bob it- Lilian Diep


7 English Camp/Clubs

Movie Description Game- Mark Storey

Murder Mystery- William Leroux IV

Christmas Card Memory Game- Kavita Premchan

Monster Masks!- Gloria Ting

Mindfulness!- Elise Reller


8 Long-Term Projects

Design a T-shirt- Moipone Kgatle

Advertising in English- Ashley Ariel Kane

Using Flags to Teach Design and Symbolism- Jonathan Cosgrove

Show and Tell- Lillian Hart

Storybook Shuffle- Christopher Brown

Japanese Folk Story Manga- Domhnall McFarline

My Opinion of the World- Yagnya A

Business Proposal Project- Rochelle Mighty

Autobiographies- Sarah Dirig


9 Travel & Culture/ Holidays


Happy Holidays! Love, your ALTs- Molly Watanabe

Christmas Review Lesson- Ryan Helm


Gestures- Jessica McLemore


10 Textbook-Specific Lessons


Travel Card match Up (Hi, Friends 2 Ch 5)- Devon Redlin

The Alphabet (Hi, Friends 1 Ch 6)- Amelia Knight

“I want to go to…” Speech Contest (Hi, Friends 2 Ch 5)-Khallandra Coley


Speaking Sugoroku (Sunshine 2 Power-Up 7)- Rose Thompson

Interviewing Famous People (Sunshine 3 My Project 7)- Michael Sun


Asking Questions: The Codex Leicester (Elements II)- Maricris Lauro

Supplementary Textbook Materials- Rebecca Gingrich


11 Teaching Techniques

Practicing Phonics through Cooperative Activities- Paul Dargan

Creating and Making the Best of Vocabulary Flash Cards- Maxwell Huras

Utilizing Whole Class Responses- Seth Howerton

Increasing Student Participation through Internationalization- Nancy Ngo


12 Miscellaneous


True or False Bingo- Anabel Torres

Animal Body Parts- Ryan Riches

Ordering Food- Phong Tran


Natural Phrases Conversation- Colin Cartwright

Directions- Nik Smyth

A Walk Through the Forest (Personality Test)- Niall French

Current Events! – Daniel Henderson



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