Quick Activities

Practice Numbers with a Game All Your Kids KnowJack GordonES
Last Week, Next WeekKarlene AllicockSHS
21Cameron TaylorSHS
Brainstorming WordsTara HartfordSHS
Thrilling Letter FillingAhmad NasirSHS

Elementary School ・ Special Needs

Spell my name, please?Brandon JohnsenES
Treasure HunterNoah MedeirosES
“What~ Do You Like?” Stereo GameRachel DuplechainES
Origami Fortune TellersRyan ChristiansonES
What Do You Want to Watch on Monday?Samantha McGuireES
Who Am I? (Presentation)Michael ConnerES
AnimalsPeyton DingES
Time Review GameMiguel RischmauiES
My Hero QuizLars SoderberghES
Crazy Taxi GameRyan HelmES
Who’s That PokeshapePenniel HugginsES

Grammar ・ Review

What do you ~?Ida CaproonJHS
American Football Review GameDesirae StitesJHS
Point Atsume Interview GameKasey UleryJHS
Word WebEmanuella SchinaziJHS
Can you make your own superhero?Alexander van DietenJHS
“Have you been to~” Japan Map ActivityKyle McGroderSHS
Grammar MatchingSeth HowertonSHS
He Said, She SaidMichelle PaterokSHS


The Perfect PresentLoosine YaghobianJHS
Creative WritingIan ChmarkovskiSHS
Giving Travel AdviceJohn SharpeSHS
An Introduction to Poetry-Association WritingRafael UreraSHS
Opening Line StoriesRyan RichesSHS

Speaking ・ Listening

Phonics AssessmentWilliam WoodmanJHS
Minimal Pairs!Grace CohenJHS/SHS
Tell the StoryEmmalee ManesSHS
Giving DirectionsNoah GalarzaSHS
Giving Directions- Treasure IslandAmy EtherSHS
Crossroads ConversationsJayme PriceSHS
Design DuoDomyson AbuanSHS


What’s This? Drawing GameIan RogersES
The “Pikotaro” GameAniqah ShageerES
Gonbi (Zombie Bingo)Joseph GilbertES
Clash Game!James ElderES
Target GameEduardo HernandezES
Tokei TwisterSarah DirigES/JHS
Odd Word OutNikita YorkeJHS/SHS
Supermarket SpreeAmelia KnightJHS/SHS

English Camp・Clubs

Condiments and Tableware, Where Are You?Henry ProsackES/JHS
What am I?Rebecca GingrichSHS
Settlers of JapanDaniel HendersonSHS
Dungeons and Dragons LiteNicholas SmythSHS
Spiced Up Scavenger HuntYixiao ZhangSHS
Comical ComicsAnthony RinaldiSHS

Long-Term Projects

Our Town Commercial Danielle WisenES
Product PresentationsHannah NanavatySHS
Conversation SkillsMarianne MortellSHS
How to Present Opinions on Social Issues in PowerPointMaricris LauroSHS
My Future in 10 YearsDiane HuynhSHS
Talking ToyamaKerlana StewartSHS
Planning an International TripKelly KiltsSHS

Travel ・ Culture・ Holidays

My Christmas Wish is…Jane AsumaduES/JHS
School AbroadRoisin MontcalmJHS
Vacation Planning JigsawElaine YuanSHS
Let’s Travel!Ana SantiagoSHS
Travel Quiz: “I’m going to visit~”Willow GlufkaSHS

Textbook-Specific Lessons

Your City Quiz (We Can 2, Unit 4)Devon RedlinES
Flag Shapes (Let’s Try 1, “What do you want?” chapter)Suchisman GangopadhyayES
My Best Memory (We Can 2, Unit 7)Helen YeapES
Summer Vacation Message (We Can 2 Unit 5)Sharon XuES
Guess Who?  (We Can 1, Unit 5) Victoria KingmanES
Makes Me Happy (Sunshine 3, Program 5-1 and 5-2)Phong TranJHS
Let’s Make a Commercial (Sunshine 2, My Project 6)Leilani RapaportJHS
Unicorn 2 Lesson 6: What is Uniquely Human? Rephrasing ChallengeOsasha FertalSHS

Teaching Techniques

Take Your Shot!Maxwell HurasES
English is the Start of a Great Adventure!Daniel GallowayJHS
Conversation CardsKieran AustinJHS
Speaking in PairsPatrick ConlonSHS
Motivating Students Through Stamps!Magnus StoneSHS
Stress-Time & Pronunciation Gesture Activity Joshua MuedaSHS


Where’s the Duck?Elizabeth NagyJHS
Where is the Station?Annalyn DonaldsonJHS
Create your own Tongue TwisterLauren MarshSHS
The Trolley Car ProblemRikio InouyeSHS
Video Game Design LessonWilliam LerouxSHS
Create a Story about Your Homeroom TeacherLilian TruongSHS
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