Quick Activities

Fire Up Your Class With………..Peel Banana?!Sharon XuES
Effective FeedbackSamantha EsES

Elementary School ・Special Needs

Classroom PrepositionsItzayana SolorzanoES
I Want I Want That Green SquareThomas MosherES

Grammar・ Review

Easy “Whose is this” Drawing GameKaitlyn SegrestES/JHS
Madlib InfinitivesLars SoderberghJHS
Telestrations Grammar Review GameThomas LangleyJHS/SHS
Past Progressive Memory Game Kyle McGroderSHS
Picture Prepositions Cameron Taylor SHS


Writing and Reading Practices for 5th and 6th GradeRobert SuozziES
Electronic Devices Elaine Joy SanaoSHS

Speaking・ Listening

Pizza Mania!Alexander FullerES
How do Aliens Go to School?Brandon JohnsenJHS
What’s New?Grace CohenJHS/SHS
Toyama Trip ItineraryDomyson Abuan SHS


Creative StorytellingJoshua HaughtonALL
Guess Who?Sean MurphyES
Shapes and Colors UNOPhong TranES
Where is the Character?Thomas KerinsES

English Camp・ Clubs

Water in the FaceDiane HuynhALL
Snakes and Ladders Spelling BeeKarlene AllicockSHS
How to Improve your English Camp by Improving your Camp BookletDaniel HendersonSHS

Long-Term Projects

Battle of the TV StationsJayme PriceSHS
Battle of the Prefectures Marianne MortellSHS
Let’s Share Our Community via Video!Phoebe VariscoSHS

Travel ・ Culture・ Holidays

Introducing Sister Cities with QuizzesJack GordonJHS
Ho Ho Ho Christmas is Here!Yixiao ZhangSHS

Textbook-Specific Lessons

Complete the Food Chain! Information Gap Exercises Mika PostES
The Journey of CurryMaricris LauroSHS

Teaching Techniques

Classroom RulesSarah Mae RellorosaES


Jabberwocky Jousting! A Fun Introduction to DebateEdward QuinnJHS/SHS


Four Pictures One WordElizabeth NagyJHS
LGBTQ+ AwarenessMiguel RischmauiJHS

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