Postal Banking

You can open an account at a post office very easily. Just bring your alien registration card and your personal seal stamp (hanko) and find and fill in the form below. REMEMBER!! It is worth setting up a postal savings account and keeping some money in it for when you travel throughout Japan. You can use your Postal Savings ATM card in any Postal Savings ATM Machine across Japan.


The benefits of a postal account are:


They have an ENGLISH GUIDE button on their ATM. All you need to do is press this and everything (including the audio) turns into English!


Their interest rate is (very) marginally larger than most banks. Postal ATMs are found all over Japan at post offices and shopping malls so you don’t need to pay fees by using another institution’s machine.


You don’t have to pay usage fees after the post office’s operating hours and on weekends. Postal ATMs in shopping malls tend to close around 5pm on Sundays. This makes it a really cheap option, and a good place to keep money for personal use.




Service Weekdays Saturdays Sundays and Public Holidays
Mail 9am-5pm closed closed
Savings (counter) 9am-4pm closed closed
Cash Service (ATM) 8:45-6pm 9-5pm 9-3pm
ATMs in malls approx. 10-6pm 10-5pm

* Hours vary by location



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