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Welcome to Toyama prefecture. Living here gives you an unbeatable chance to try out some Japanese cultural activities, ranging from tea ceremony, to calligraphy, to flower arranging. The best way to find activities in your respective areas would be to ask your fellow teachers, or to even join a club with your students at school. Another place to try would be the bright yellow “Town Pages” phone book, which has listings for all types of hobbies based on city and location. Calling for yourself or having a Japanese teacher help you, will always be the best answer. If that’s not an option however, here are some ideas to get you started!

Hint: When looking in the friendly “Town Pages” for classes in the traditional arts, look for 教室 “kyoshitsu” as the indicator that the company has classes, and is not just a gallery or the artist’s home number.

1. Toyama Citizens’ Hall (Toyama Kenmin Kaikan)

All classes are listed on the website. When you take a course you will have to pay a membership fee on top of the course price. There are classes in a variety of activities, including Flower arrangement, dance, tea ceremony, Japanese painting, music (koto or guitar), cooking and lots more!

Tel: 076-432-3111

Access: Less than a ten minute walk from Toyama Station

2. Toyama Art Creation Center

Toyama Art Creation Center is a creation and practice facility for music, drama, dancing and art. This center was founded with an aim to promote more art and cultural activities among Toyama citizens.

Tel: 076-434-4100

Access: Get off the train at the JR Kureha Station and approx. 5-minute walk from the JR Kureha Station.

3. Toyama Healthy Living Center (とやま健康生きがいセンター)

Many types of dance, yoga, aerobics, sports, and arts classes are held here. Check out their website for a complete list of various classes they offer.

Tel: 076-491-5665

Offers many different types of lesson from Yoga to Tea Ceremony. There is also a gym here where some ALTs work out. It’s next to Takaoka Kogei High School, across the road from Kojo park. Look out for the tall sky parking with the word ‘Peare’ on it.

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