1. Toyama International Center (CIC)


Language classes, movie clubs, flower arranging, city tours, monthly lectures (you could be asked to give a talk), information desk, souvenir shop, etc…. The TIC “What’s Happening” newsletter, published monthly, is also available on this site. It lists volunteer opportunities, festivals, and classes offered for the current month. A very good reference for things that are happening in Toyama Prefecture. Available in English.


2. TIC International Exchange Resource Bank


Looking for a tutor, want to help someone learn a language? You can register your information with the TIC for potential volunteer opportunities.


Contact:5-5 Ushijimashinmachi INTEC Bldg 4F, Toyama City, 930-0856

Tel: 076-444-2500

E-mail: tic@tic-toyama.or.jp


3. Toyama YMCA


4. Takaoka Rotary Club


5. Toyama Prefecture Website


Note: For additional opportunities to get involved check with your school, your local community center, other JETs in your area, the monthly Toyama News Bulletin, and the current events section of this website. The opportunities to volunteer and get involved are endless!

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