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Toyama is going to be your new home for the next year (possibly two, maybe even three or more!). You are going to want to explore your new surroundings, or in the very least, know more about all the fascinating sights of Toyama. This is just a general guide to follow until you establish a network of friends or discover your own interesting sights. If you are interested in the culture, history, and sights of interest in your region you should pick up a copy of Toyama by Walter Newport from the Seimeido bookstore located in Sogawa, or borrow it from the International Centre.


The Toyama Prefectural Tourism website has lots of useful information for things to see and do in Toyama and also has maps and phone numbers. It is conveniently arranged according to area.


Here are some useful words to help you find your way around town:

Stores and Shops

EnglishRomaji Kanji
Beauty Salonbiyō -in美容院
Bicycle Shopjitensha ya自転車屋
Bookstorehon ya本屋
Box Lunch Shopbentō ya弁当屋
Fish Storesakana ya魚屋
Flower Shophana ya花屋
Furniture Storekagu ya家具屋
Glasses Shopmegane ya眼鏡屋
Grocery Store/ Supermarketsūpāスーパー
Hanko Storehanko yaハンコ屋
Hardware Storekanamono ya金物屋
Japanese Innryokan旅館
Jewelry Storehōseki ten宝石店
Liquor Storesaka ya酒屋
Pharmacy/Drug Storeyakkyoku薬局
Print Shopinsatsu ya印刷や
Public Bathsentō銭湯
Real Estatefudōsan ya不動産屋
Shoe Storekutsu ya靴屋
Soba Standsoba ya蕎麦屋
Stationary Goodsbungu ten文具店
Sushi Shopsushi ya寿司屋
Tobacco Shoptabako yaタバコ屋

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