Here are some beaches in Toyama worth visiting!


Iwasehama (岩瀬浜)

This is a large open beach in Toyama City, that you can easily bike to or take a 20 min train ride. Sometimes it gets a bit dirty, but there’s a lot of space for picnics and BBQs. There’s even a boat rental shop across the street. To get there, take the light rail for 25 minutes from Toyama Station to the Iwasehama (岩瀬浜) stop. The beach is a short walk from there, north-east of the tram stop. There is a campsite nearby.


Hamakurosaki (浜黒崎)

A five minute drive up from Iwasehama is Hamakurosaki Beach. It is hard to find as you must turn down a small road and pass a cemetery to get there. It’s smaller but less crowded than Iwasehama.


Ishidahama Beach (石田浜)

A big sandy beach popular with the Niikawa folk. The water gets deep quickly so it’s popular for swimming, jet skis, wind surfing, and more. There’s also a free campsite and bbq area nearby, and a paved walkway with restaurants line the beach area as well, so you won’t go hungry. Check out the gorgeous sunsets, and sometimes you may even catch a glimpse of the famous Uozu mirage. Though be warned: this is a popular beach, so it can be a little dirty. To get there it’s a 30-40 minute walk from Kurobe Station or a kilometer walk from the Ishida Dentetsu Station.


Ebie Seaside Park (海老江海浜公園)

An incredibly clean beach with minimal concrete areas, and top class toilets and dressing areas. The downside? You need a car or bus to get there. From the closest Manyosen station (Koshinokata) it’s a 1h 45 min walk (or you can swim 500 m and walk only 45 min…). The Imizu City bus will take you there from Kureha JR Station (# 6) or from Manyosen Naka-Shinminato Station (# 2) for only 200 yen.


Miyazuki Hisui Kaigon or Jade Beach (ヒスイ海岸)

Near Asahi (and almost in Niigata) is a small and very rocky beach with good views of the sea and mountains. Despite the lack of sand it’s good for swimming and water sports. You can also hunt for jade on the rocky shore. There is a campsite nearby. To get there take the Hokuriku Line to Etchu-Miyazaki (last stop in Toyama Prefecture) and it’s a short 10 minute walk from there. 


Amaharashi Beach (雨晴海岸)

Probably the most famous view in Toyama, this is where you get an iconic glimpse of the Alps with that little rocky island in the bay. The beach has a huge concrete path and some benches, but it’s still a good place for a picnic, swim, and some fireworks. Usually it’s quite clean, and there’s a free camping area nearby. To get there take the Himi line from Takaoka Station to Amaharashi.


Shimao Beach (島尾)

Located about 3 minutes before Himi is a delightful sandy beach that’s great for swimming, volleyball (sometimes the nets are down), and a picnic.It’s quite popular with locals, and JETs alike. To get there, take the Himi line from Takaoka Station to Shimao.


Matsuda no Nagahama (松田江の長浜)

Small cozy beach near Himi City, though not the cleanest one around. It’s next to the botanical gardens in Himi.


Uchinada  (内灘ビーチ)

Uchinada Beach is one of the best and busiest beaches in Hokuriku, located on the shores off Kanazawa. Though beautiful all year round, the massive beach comes alive in the summertime (as most beaches do!) and this is largely thanks to the many beach shacks that open to cater to the beach goers.

Lined along the beach is a long canopy with dozens of comfy hammocks for folks to crash on when they are ready to turn in for the night.  Next to the beach is a supermarket with really good prices open until midnight, for those wanting to bring your own food and save money. Just next to the supermarket is an onsen, perfect for cleaning up after a day of sunning before the party and/or the next morning before heading home (or becoming a beach bum and spending Sunday on the beach!)

Uchinada Beach can be reached easily by car with free parking anytime day or night. Also can be reached easily by train. Take the JR Hokuriku Line to Kanazawa Station, walk out the main exit and down the escalator right in the middle of the atrium. To your left is the private train line for Kanazawa. Buy a ticket to Uchinada and take the train to the last stop (the one where the conductor kicks you off, so don’t worry, you won’t miss it.) Takes about 20 minutes. Walk out Uchinada Station to the road, turn left and walk until you hit sand, about 10 minutes.



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