Toyama has a few good movie theaters, though only in Toyama City and Takaoka City.  Foreign films are usually either in katakana or in kanji, so sometimes you may be hard pressed to find the film you want. You’ll probably be buying your tickets at the theater (so check out the movie posters for the title name), but you may have to hunt for the name on websites to check show times. So start brushing up on those katakana characters!

(Note: Japanese film names are occasionally shown on the IMDB website. Click on the Japanese release date on the movie’s IMDB page to show international release dates and titles.)


For all cinemas, the following applies:

  • Regular admission is usually 1,800 yen
  • The first and last showing is 1,200 yen
  • Discount Tickets (usually 1000 円) are offered on the following days: Ladies’ Day, Men’s Day, and the first day of the month.


Toyama City 

1. Favore Toho Cinema (TOHOシネマズ ファボーレ富山)

  • A 10 screen theater inside Favore shopping mall in Fuchu-machi. To get there, take the JR Takayama line to Hayahoshi (it’s the same direction/line to Yatsuo). It’s a 10 minute walk from the station. There are also buses going out there from Toyama Station.
  • Ladies’ Day: Wednesday; Men’s Day: Thursdays; 1st/14th of the month: 1000円
  • The Al Plaza discount card (HOP) gets you a 300円 discount at the theater every time
  • Movie times:
  • Telephone Number: 076-466-1700


2. Theater World Daitokai (大都会)

  • A 5 screen theater at the intersection of Highways 8 and 56 in Higashi-Toyama. So it’s accessible to cars and hitchhikers.
  • Ladies’ Day: Monday; Men’s Day: Thursday; discount coupons sometimes available on website (click on the 割引きクーポン page).
  • Movie Times:
  • Telephone Number: 076-451-8219


3. JMAX Theater (ジェーマックスシアター)

  • A brand new theater that opened just this June! It’s located on Sogawa (near Daiwa shopping mall), which is easily accessible from Toyama station by tram (to Grand Plaza Mae or Marunouchi)
  • You can watch movies in 3D for an extra 400 円
  • Ladies’ Day: Wednesday
  • Movie times: 
  • Telephone number: 076-461-4461


Takaoka City 

1. Aeon Mall Toho Cinema (TOHOシネマズ 高岡)

  • An 8 screen theater inside AEON shopping mall in Takaoka. To get there take the bus from the north side of Takaoka Station (the left exit, opposite of Zuryuji Temple exit).
  • Ladies’ Day: Wednesday; AEON card holders get discounts on admission.
  • Movie times:
  • Telephone: 0766-23-0123

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