Crafts/ Hands On

1. Toyama Clay Doll Craftsmen’s Workshop

Choose and buy a small doll and paints; workshop time is included. 10 minutes by Toyama Chitetsu bus for Shinsakuradani-rohjin-center. Get off at Anyobo bus stop in Toyama and walk for 10 minutes. Costs about 500 yen. Tel. 076-431-4464.

2. Inami Kibori-No-Sato “Soyuu-Kan

Offers “Inami-Chokoku”, or traditional Japanese woodcarving. Approx. 1 hour by Kaetsu-no bus for Inami-shogawa from JR Takaoka Station. Get off at Kanjoji-guchi bus stop and walk 5 minutes. Located in Nanto.

3. Toga Soba-no-Sato

Make your own soba noodles. It’s a bit far, 60 minutes by bus from Etchu Yatsuo Station. Located in Nanto. Tel. 0763-68-2034

4. Gokayama Washi-no-Sato

Make postcards, a placemat, or a fan out of handmade Japanese paper. Costs 500 yen per paper, and lasts about 15 minutes. 30 minutes by Kaetsu-no bus for Gokayama from JR Johana Station. Get off at Shimonashi bus stop and change to Village-run bus for Soyama, which takes you to Michi-no-eki Taira in 10 minutes, nearby “Washi-no-sato”. Located in Nanto. Tel. 0763-66-2223 (Washi-kogei-kan/Washi-taiken-kan)

5. Toyama Cospomolitan Assication (in the CiC building)

Come here to experience various cultural exchange events. There are lectures, cultural arts workshops, and language classes held here. Located across the street on the 4th floor of the CiC from the South Exit of Toyama station.

6. Toyama Glass Studio

Make your own bowl, cup, vase or paperweight out of glass. Costs about 2500 yen, but it’s worth the experience and the final product is often very beautiful. Staff speaks little English, but is very helpful and friendly. 5-min. walk from Family Park mae Bus Stop (Toyama Chitetsu Bus). Tel. 076-436-2600.

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