Local Sights

Toyama is especially rich in nature and scenery. This is just a quick list of some favorites – you can find a lot more info on Toyama’s sights here: http://www.info-toyama.com/english/guide/index.html


1. Shomyo Falls 

The tallest waterfall in Japan, and it’s got some beautiful hikes in the surrounding mountains. It’s a 20 minute bus ride from Toyama Chiho Tetsudo Railway Tateyama Station.


2. Raicho Valley 

A 20 minute walk from Dentetsu Tateyama Station, or a 50 minute drive from Toyama City, Raicho Valley is a ski resort through the winter and a fun outdoor retreat the rest of the year. It has hang gliding, tennis courts, zip lining, skiing, and more. It’s also has a gorgeous view of the mountains, and Toyama spread out below.


3. Gokayama 

Toyama’s famous Gokayama area includes the historic Suganuma and Ainokura “Gasshō-zukuri” villages. Go for an overnight trip at a traditional inn, or enjoy a simple day trip. The views are best during the Fall with all the changing colors. You can catch a bus there from Takaoka or Johana Station.


4. Kurobe Gorge Alpine Route 

This is what tourists pour into Toyama for – a stunning train/cable-car/bus route up through the mountains to Kurobe Dam. Do part or splurge for the whole route, but be warned that is especially beautiful (and crowded) in spring and fall. Check out the website for more info: http://www.alpen-route.com/en/

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