If you find yourself in need of a grassy knoll to relax on you can head to one of the parks in Toyama. The parks are great for relaxing, playing sports or enjoying a BBQ with friends!

1. Inarimachi Park, Toyama City

For those lucky Sunshine 88 inhabitants who long for green grass and funky playground equipment, Inarimachi Park is located in your backyard. If you cross the train tracks behind APA you will find this oasis to your immediate right. It is a nice place to take a walk or run.

2. Toyama Castle Park, Toyama City

About a 10-minute walk from Toyama station you will find Toyama’s Castle Park. The Park has nice walking paths and is the site for numerous festivals throughout the summer. Inside the reconstructed castle is a small museum with a lookout. The museum is interesting if you can read Japanese or have someone with you to translate.

3. Kojo Park, Takaoka

In the middle of Takaoka City near the big Buddha you will find Kojo Park. This big, grassy park was built on a moat and it used to be the location of a castle. It is a great place to view the cherry blossoms in April. The park is famous for the open-air play performed there in August.

4. Toyama Municipal Family Park Zoo, Toyama City

For those who want more than grass and open space you can visit the Zoo for only 610yen. It is not a big zoo but there are plenty of walking paths, and space to have a picnic. You can also have a BBQ for about 2,000. The park is located on Arisawa Road across the bridge, about 25 minutes by bus from Toyama station. The zoo is closed on Mondays. Tel: 076-34-1234

5. Uozu Aquarium, Uozu

If you are a fish lover you can spy all kinds at this aquarium. The only drawback is that most of the fish on display are those found in the streams from the Japanese Alps and the Sea of Japan. Don’t come here expecting a Sea World-like aquarium with dolphin shows and the like. It is located about 10 minutes from Uozu station by car.

6. Taikoyama Land, Kosugi

Located near Kosugi, this park has canoes, paddleboats, a large lookout tower, waterslides, a big green field, and a good BBQ area. The park is big and a good place to take a stroll. Be warned that you must reserve the BBQ area in advance and it gets crowded on Sundays.

7. Kaiomaru Park, Takaoka

This park is located in Shinminato. If you like to fish this is the place for you. There is also the famed ship, “Kaiomaru.” There is not a lot of green grass here but the ship is interesting.

8. Shokubutsuen, Toyama City

The “Shokubutsuen” or The Botanic Gardens of Toyama, is a great place for those of you who are plant lovers. There are a variety of rare flowers and trees on display here. The park is large and an excellent place to see the cherry blossoms. The entrance fee is about 600 yen and it is located in Fuchu, just over Fuchu Bridge off route 359, close to Toyama Airport.

9. Sunbeach, Iwase

Just outside Iwasehama at Hamakurosaki Beach you will find a small park with a wave pool, whirlpool and waterslide. The cost is about 1500 yen. This is another place that gets crowded on Sundays.

10. Nunose Minami Park, Toyama City

On the way to the airport you can find a small park with a playground, tennis courts, and gateball court. It is a nice, green park.

11. Toyama Health Park, Toyama City

Just off Route 41 towards the airport is the unique Toyama Health Park. The park is divided into three sections: a medical research center, a life science hall, and a health stadium. You probably won’t be doing much research on your health in Japan but the spa, onsen, and pool are enjoyable. The cost is about 1,000 yen for two hours. The park also boasts a relaxation lawn where you can take a rest. Tel: 076-428-0809

12. Tonami Tulip Park, Tonami

Situated in Tonami, and quiet for most of the year, the Tonami Tulip Park comes alive in late April, early May, when the Tonami Tulip festival is held. The official flower of Toyama is a tulip, and Japan is famous for producing tulip bulbs, so this festival is taken very seriously in Tonami. People come from all over Japan to view the various kinds of tulips in bloom, all the displays that are made using these flowers, and to walk around the tulip museum.

13. Sakura-ga-ike Park, Johana

Located in Johana, this park has a large lake on which you can take out canoes and paddle boats, skate park, a huge climbing wall and kids adventure playground (with lots to do for the ALT who’s still a child at heart!). See the onsens section for a description of the spa area.

14. Toyama Athletic Recreation Park (富山県総合運動公園), Toyama City

This park is one of the largest public athletic complexes in the prefecture. It is home to the Toyama Junior high ekiden race and many athletic events are held here. There is a large track and field stadium (not open to everyday public use), however the smaller sub-track next to the stadium is open to the public at all hours (no fence) and is a standard 400m track. The park includes a playground and wide grass areas for frisbee and picnic use. The outer running course is a 2.1km route that many people frequent at all hours of the day.

Address: 〒939-8234 富山県富山市南中田368番地



  • Aireen Ng (10 years)

    Tonami Tulip Park, Tonami

    The festival is normally late april to early May. Can we see tulip in the park before 18th April? Visit and see the tulip park before the grand festival.
    Thanks and be grateful if you reply my comment,

  • Lilly (10 years)

    You can see various displays of Tulips inside the tulip museum, but the famous tulips in the outdoor gardens bloom at a specific time each year ( I have no idea what the weather will be like in April 2015, so please check the above website!

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