International Calls

There are many ways to call back home cheaply from Japan. DO NOT CALL DIRECT! The charge for using your normal NTT phone service to call overseas is ridiculous. Use a discount carrier.

Below lists paying options for calling landlines to your home countries. If you have a computer and internet, you can always use your preferred IM client to stay in touch with people back home.

1. World Link (Discount Telecom):

  • Good description on website.
  • Register your phone numbers with World Link and use a 4 digit code to make calls.
  • Register and never use the service – no charge.
  • ONLY accepts credit card payment.

2. Pingo (calling card):

  • Sign up for an account.
  • To call home: dial the Japanese access number (00531121746) and follow the instructions listed on the website.
  • $1 a month usage fee
  • Credit card or Paypal.

3. Skype:

  • Free to register.
  • Works best with external microphone.
  • Talk free with other Skype Users.
  • SkypeOut – call landlines from your computer (rates apply).
  • Credit card or PayPal

4. Vonage:

  • US, Canadian and UK.
  • Essential you will have a local number from your home here in Japan that will ring through your land line.
  • Requires sign-up, internet access AND specific equipment from home (US, UK or Canada).
  • May be good option if you talk to A LOT of people from home and you are staying more then one year.
5. Japanese Phone Cards:
  • Available at all convenience stores (Lawson, Family Mart)
  • Ask in Japanese: “IC terehon kado arimasu ka?” or “Puripeido-denwa-dado arimasu ka?”
  • Maybe rechargeable
  • Perhaps best to have for emergency only. *May require an international pay phone (People have

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