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  • Jerry Talandis Jr. (4 years)

    Hello! My name is Jerry Talandis Jr. I was an ALT in Toyama from 1993 to 1996, and I never left! I’m currently teaching English at the University of Toyama. If there are any new JETs out there who could use some advice or someone to listen to, I’m all ears.

    • Mariel (2 years)

      Hello, Jerry. I am an ALT in Akita and I would like to ask for some advice about teaching careers after JET in Toyama. Thank you.

  • Tetsuya (4 years)

    Hi I am looking for English full time (9am-4pm) teacher for my Grade 1 and Kindergarten 2 grade kids in Himi City. We live abroad but could not go back to the country due to COVID-19 entry restriction. Kids are going to international school and would like to maintain their English while they are at Toyama. Period for teaching will be from immediate to end of August or end of September. Anyone has interest, please contact me. Tetsuya

  • Mike (4 years)

    Hi Jerry,
    I’m planning on moving to Toyama (Takaoka City) next year, or as soon as the Covid-19 situation is contained. I’m wondering if Toyama University has an international department, or a Japanese language program? Would you happen to know the contact person for their teaching Japanese language program for foreigners in Toyama? Are you still employed by the University of Toyama teaching English?
    Thanks for any information you can provide.

  • Lyn Cohn (Renwood) (3 years)

    Jerry! OMG. I was in Toyama from 1994-1996. I doubt you’d remember me.
    I’m now looking at getting another teaching job her in Queensland Australia (I moved from Victoria) and I need proof that I was an ALT in Toyama-ken.
    Any ideas who I could contact?

  • Sonia Chhabra (3 years)

    Hi Jerry, how are you??? This is Sonia Chhabra, remember me??
    I was taking a trip down memory lane today, back to 1993-96 actually. I really do want to get in touch with Rachel and Bryan King. Do you remember them at all? We were really close at the time, and I’m not sure how we lost contact. If you have time, drop me a line! It would be great to catch up!!

  • Terry Thomas (3 years)

    Hi! I was at Toyama Technical HS IN 1991-92. At that time I became good friends with another teacher , Kiyomi Goto. My husband I I attended her wedding that year, and later she and Toshi visited us in Guam where we spent two years. Even later, Kiyomi came to see us in Colorado along with her son, daughter, , and 3 other relatives.

    Anyway, over time we lost touch and now her old yahoo email bounces back to me. I would love to find her soon, especially Bec our oldest son is about to go to Japan himself ! He’s been placed in Yamagata prefecture and of course we plan to visit him. All of this to say, can you help me find Kiyomi? Thank you!

  • Sithembiso (2 years)

    Wow Jerry, I will be coming to Toyama as a JET participant from December. It would be good to hear about the place from you over coffee or a “beer”.

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