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Welcome Group A Arrivals!


Welcome to Toyama! Enjoy getting settled into your new home.

We look forward to meeting all of you.  For a quick look at all the events to celebrate your arrival visit the events page.


Welcome Letters 2013


Hello New Toyama JETs!

I know  you are all very excited and perhaps a little nervous about diving into your new life in Toyama but worry not, the Toyama JETs have written letters on a variety of topics that you will certainly find useful as your prepare for your life as a JET. All ALTs should have already received this from your Contracting Organisations. If you have not, it’s probably in transit but you can also access it here.


Happy Planning!

2013 Spring Regional Meeting Lesson Plans


Introducing a game to a lesson can immediately transform the classroom environment from drab to fab. It’s a simple way to grab your students attention and make learning English fun.


The games presented by our amazing Toyama JETs at the 2013 Spring Regional Meetings are officially up and can be accessed here.

Toyama JETs’ Logo


We are happy to introduce the first ever Toyama JETs’ logo. Congratulations to Martyn Bissett for designing this truly stellar logo which combines the stunning snow capped Mt. Tate and the  ptarmigan, the prefectural bird, which is beautifully wrapped in a tulip, Toyama’s prefectural flower.

Toyama JETs Logo

Spring Regional Meetings 2013


The Spring Regional Meetings are being held this week. Information pertaining to Local Inhabitant’s tax, Leaving ALTs, information regarding the Toyama 2013 Orientation, the customary lesson exchange and much more will be covered.


All games covered at the meeting will be uploaded on the website within the next week so please look out for that. Thank you all for your participation so far!

Niikawa Spring Regional Meeting 2013


Tonami Spring Regional Meeting 2013


Toyama Spring Regional Meeting 2013

Toyama Team Teaching Handbook 2012-2013


The annual Toyama Team Teaching Handbook is out! All Toyama ALTs should have already received the Handbook at their base/ main schools. If you have not received it, fear not, you will also receive another copy at the Spring Regional Meeting this week. You can also access all lessons plans on the website.


A special thanks to Clarrisa Tong for designing a truly stellar cover! And of course, to all of you amazing ALTs for submitting a wide variety of lessons and making the 2012- 2013 TTH a huge success!

Toyama Prefecture Team Teaching Handbook 2012- 2013 Cover. (Designed by Clarissa Tong)

Welcome to the New Toyama JETs website!


After months of planning, weeks of designing and hundreds of hours reformatting, myself and Martyn Bissett, our trusty webmaster, are thrilled to finally unveil the new Toyama JETs website.


This website is more user-friendly, better organised and easier to navigate, and will hopefully aid you during your tenure here in Toyama while you are on the JET Programme.


The site is far from being completed. It is a long and meticulous process and will rely on the talents, creativity and expertise of each and every one of you. Any assistance, advice or helpful critiques are gladly welcomed. This site expected to be completed some time before the new JETs arrive in Toyama in July, so please be patient with us as we work on the final touches. (The information on the old website will be available until the end of July for those wishing to access some of its contents.)


We have introduced some new additions to the site, which we intend to further explore in the future, such a Toyama JETs YouTube channel, and a Toyama JETs Alumni section where we will get insight into the lives of some of Toyama’s former JETs.


This website is a reflection of all of us, a community of ALTs and CIRs who come from countries near and far, who have all united to call this small, humble prefecture, Toyama, home.


All the best. (^o^)/


The cherry blossom and the rice field. Higashi-Toyama, Toyama. (Photo by Jenson Deokiesingh)




Your Prefectural Advisor


Jenson Deokiesingh

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