2015- 2016

1 Elementary School/ Special Needs

Up, Down, Left, Right- Look out! It’s Godzilla!- Henry Prosack

Sports (Do you play~?)- Lisa Hogya

What color is it?- Marie Maestas

Can/Can’t- Miranda Reeder

“What’s this?” Quick Pics Game- Simon Robinson

Body Parts- Vincent Simone

Alpha-I-Bet You Can!- Daniel Galloway

Let’s Start From the Very Beginning – Yagnya A

Karuta Overload- Devon Redlin

Vocabulary through Song and Sound Effects – Anthony Rinaldi

Fruits!- Alexia Campbell


2 Grammar and Review

“To-verb! Game” and “The Riddler”- Loosine Yaghobian

Relative Pronoun Zoo- Eric Beyeler


“If” Memory Card Game- Chandra Isaac

Gerunds and Infinitives- Robert Deighton

Must have, May have, Should have- Colin Cartwright

Comparing Planets – Alexis Finnerty

“What’s it made of?”- Janvee Gangan

Bara-Bara Sentence Game- Paul Dargan

Let’s Guess- Patrick Finn

Horoscope Quiz- Amanda Fink

Using “if”- Brendan Allen


3 Speaking and Listening

Questions: How many…do you have?- Aniqah Shageer

Catch Those Ghosts!- Jodie Young

Picture Dictation- Lilian Truong

Making textbook speaking exercises fun- Exquisite Corpse style- Lieuwe Boer

What Did You Say? English Pronunciation Practice- Nancy Ngo

Speaking: Invite, request, and promise- Michael Sun


4 Writing

Pen-Pal Parents- Austin Richardson

Alien Role- Moipone Kgatle

Your happy memory- Sheldon Campbell

Let’s build a story- Josh Mitchell


5 Debate/Opinion

What’s your opinion?- Thandolwethu Mene

Would you rather…?- J Amelie Chenet-Smith

Intro to Debate- Darian Sundberg

Basic Debate- Nik Smyth


6 Games

King’s Card- Jonathan Cosgrove

Karuta: Level Up- Terrell Wallin

Combination of Shiritori and Categories- Rochelle Mighty

Sentence Auction- Niall French

Review 25 Attack!!- Louis Migliazza

Quick Activities- Brandon Bewza

Making Original Karuta Cards- Ariana Frazier

UNO: Shapes and Colors- Anabel Torres

Big Number Bingo- Jessica McLemore

Translation Jeopardy Extravaganza- William Leroux

MARIO-KART- Jeff Newby

A Quick, Simple, Fun Review Class- Haley Alt

Jeopardy- Joseph Jackson

Follow my Instructions- Joseph O’Dwyer

Word Whack- Janelle Weir

Tornado- Hiroyoshi Murasaki

Can I leave a message?- Gloria Ting

Information about Others- Celebrity Profile Challenge- Allison Bradley


7 English Camps/Clubs

Scavenger Hunt- Lillian Hart

The International Trade Game- Lucy Godfrey

Spot the Engrish!: A Student Side Project- Molly Watanabe

Desert Island; Life or Death!- Elise Reller


8 Long-term Projects

Developing Speaking Competency in the Classroom- Darren Hamilton

Surveying Research Project- Rebecca Scheiris

How to Create a Dramatized Play from a Factual Story- Katherine Court

Can you~? ALT Interview Video Project- Andrea Spain


9 Shopping & Food

Restaurant Role Play- Rose Thompson

Spend all the Money- Lilian Diep

Russian Roulette Burgers- Elizabeth Mager

Ordering at a Restaurant SHS- Ashley Ariel Kane

What’s it like?- Christopher Brown

Going Shopping- Emma Davis

What’s for lunch?- Melody Tsukahara


10 Travel & Culture/ Holidays

Canada Day- Rebecca Gingrich

International Communications Club- Domhnall McFarline

Around the World in 50 Minutes- Christopher Beeton

Round Orange Pumpkins and Small, Green Kabocha- Molly Watanabe


11 Miscellaneous

What Did You Do Today?- Seth Howerton

Earthquake Kits- Sonia Chhabra

Super Spelling Challenge!- Melissa Werner

Movie Q and A- Mark Storey

Monster Mash- Stephen Zellmer

I Hope You Dance- Lee Ann Womack- Kavita Premchan

City Building- Ryan Riches




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