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  • Kevin Wong (6 years)

    i am planning to go to Tonami tulip flower fair on 30 April 2016 from Tokyo.
    I am planning to take a night bus from Tokyo.
    Pls advise what Bus Company web-site that I can refer to for night buses ?
    Need the English website for Bus.
    Will the bus arrive at Tonami town from Tokyo ?

    thanks and rgds,
    KH Wong

    • Colin Cartwright (6 years)

      You can find information about highway buses in the Travel section of the this website. Several companies are listed as well as whether or not they have English websites. Most buses would either go to Toyama city or Takaoka city. Takaoka would be one train ride from Tonami and Toyama would be two. The Kaetsunou Bus Company has service to Tonami, but their website is only in Japanese.

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